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Step 1 - User Interface

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The user interface is a set of wiki pages that provide high level features on top of the XWiki runtime. These wiki pages are grouped by features into applications such as blog, activity stream, dashboard. Applications are packaged as extensions installable with the Extension Manager.


The following distribution has been detected:

XWiki Enterprise - Web 6.1


by: XWiki Development Team

The XWiki Enterprise base package. It contains the full XWiki Enterprise runtime except for wiki pages. If you wish to have the default wiki pages, which contain both content pages and some default applications you also need to install the "XWiki Enterprise - UI" package. Alternatively you can start with an empty wiki without any page and thus no application pre-installed.

User Interface

The following user interface is recommended for your distribution:

The installation process requires internet access and it might take a few minutes to complete depending on the internet bandwidth and the load of the remote extension repository. Thank you for your patience.

XWiki Enterprise - UI - Main wiki 6.1

by: XWiki Development Team

Default set of wiki pages containing both content and default applications for XWiki Enterprise Main Wiki.

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